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What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

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It is an incredibly emotional time when a couple decides their marriage isn’t working and the time for separation and divorce arrive. Instead of going through a potential messy court proceeding, where the outcome isn’t always clear, couples may opt for a collaborative divorce instead. The Collaborative Approach A typical divorce requires a couple to obtain attorneys, work out what they want in a potential settlement and then stand before a judge who will give the final decree. In many cases, this is a long, arduous process;...

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When To Consider Bankruptcy

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Financial stress can be a huge burden—if you are struggling just to keep your head above water, it may be time to consider other options. Bankruptcy has a very negative stigma, but in some cases it can rescue a family from financial despair. Bankruptcy may be a good option for you in the following situations: You’re Incurring Debt Every Month Everyday living expenses can be expensive, but if you find yourself using lines of credit to pay for expenses that you don’t have cash available to pay for, you may want to learn more about...

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Three Forms Of Defenses To Inchoate Crimes

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Do you know that you can be charged with a crime you intended to do, but did not do? For example, you can be charged with conspiracy even if you don’t commit the crime you were conspiring to commit. Here are some defenses you can try if you ever find yourself facing such a charge: Abandonment You can assert the abandonment defense if you voluntarily stopped all the conspiratorial activities before actually committing a crime. According to, you can only succeed with this defense if you can show that: What you had done before...

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The Basics Of Handling The Will And Estate Of A Deceased Relative

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When you are designated as the executor for the will of a loved one, you have the responsibility of carrying out the terms specified in the document. Even if a will appears to have straightforward instructions for dispensing the assets of the deceased, you may encounter unforeseen legal issues such as challenges by other heirs to the will. There are some basic tasks you need to perform to successfully manage the estate of the deceased and comply with your state’s legal requirements. Filing the Will Once you take possession of the will...

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How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cab Save You Money

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy may or may not help you stop a foreclosure, but this isn’t the only advantage you should focus on when filing for bankruptcy. There are still other associated advantages it can offer you. For example, a bankruptcy may help you: Save Money From Your Mortgage Payments When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, most of your creditors are barred from collecting their payments from you. Mortgage companies are some of the creditors expected to adhere to this “automatic stay” even though they may apply to...

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Out Of Time? Possible Exceptions On Statute Of Limitations Laws

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Have you worried that it’s too late to file your personal injury lawsuit because of your state’s statute of limitations? You might be able to get around statute of limitations laws if you’re aware of a few possible exceptions. Every state has a statute of limitations regarding personal injury cases. Because of these laws, plaintiffs are unable to file suit after a certain period of time has past after the incident that caused injury. While each state determines its own statute of limitations, about two years is typical for...

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Tips For Surviving A Divorce

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When you are exchanging vows with someone you are in love with, divorce is probably the last thing on your mind. However, divorce is a common occurrence that can lead to a litigious and stressful relationship between yourself and the person you married. As you negotiate assets, alimony and other legal agreements, you should take care of yourself in the midst leaving your marriage. The following tips can help you survive a divorce in a healthy manner. Seek Appropriate Legal Counsel First and foremost, get a lawyer from a place like Law Offices...

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Returning To School Or Finding New Work During Injury Settlements

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If you’ve been severely injured, your career’s continued success may be in jeopardy. Financial security, personal pleasure and your entire way of living can be threatened, but it isn’t too late to work on a backup plan. If you’ve been offered a settlement in the form of compensation for your injuries, consider a few negotiation points that can pay your way to a new, possibly better life. Dealing With A Difficult Settlement Situation After an injury, you may still be able to work for a living—just not at your old job....

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What Is A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

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Wrongful death lawsuits are filed when a person is killed by medical malpractice, product flaws or malfunctions, or murder. A personal injury lawyer pursues a case to obtain compensation for a victim’s family. Medical malpractice This involves a death caused by a mistake by a medical practitioner. Examples of medical malpractice include: Wrong diagnosis. When a patient is improperly diagnosed, proper treatment for their illness or injury will be delayed or denied. When the proper diagnosis is finally reached, treatment may be useless or...

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But Wait It’s Not A Car!: Four Vehicles You Cannot Drive While Under The Influence

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Had a few too many? You may think that as long as you leave your car keys tucked away in a safe place that you will be abiding by the law. However, you can still get charged for driving while intoxicated when your car is left safely parked in the driveway. How is that? Well, there are several other vehicles that are not allowed to be driven while you are under the influence and there have been plenty of incidents to prove it. According to the laws of the state where you live, you may still find yourself in need of defense lawyer in spite of...

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